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Khao Lak is a relatively new beach destination, in an area that previously had virtually no local population or nearby villages and towns.  It’s a quiet beach resort area for Thailand, ideal for those who want a reasonable level of peace and quiet, but not suitable for those who need entertainment and activity by night.

Located 70 kilometers north of the island of Phuket on the mainland is the Khao Lak National Park with it’s 25km stretch of beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia are located on this part of the Andaman coast. Initially known only as an insider tip for Asian travelers, the region with its natural beaches developed into the most attractive travel destination for nature-loving and relaxation-conscious vacationers.

In 2004 the area was hit by a tsunami. Everything was destroyed from the big hotels to the fishing villages and schools. However, Thailand recovered from this horror relatively quickly. Today only a few ruins from this period can be found.

Due to the close proximity to the Similan Islands, the area around Khao Lak is now also enjoying the visits of numerous diving lovers who are enthusiastic about the spectacular underwater scenery. It is not without reason that this archipelago is one of the ten most beautiful diving areas in the world. Colorful coral reefs and hundreds of small and large sea creatures can be found here. Behind the kilometer-long beaches of Khao Lak rise the monsoon forests of the national park, which offers visitors a variety of nature as well as relaxation and a varied adventure.


The climate of the Khao Lak region is under the influence of two monsoon winds of a seasonal nature. a southwest monsoon and a northeast monsoon. The southwest monsoon starts in April when a stream of warm moist air from the Indian Ocean moves inland resulting in significant rain. It peaks in October, Khao Lak’s wettest month. Subsequent months, under the influence of prevailing northeast winds, are much drier.

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