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Thailand, as we know, is tourist heaven. However, a large number of tourists and vacationers do not know where to turn towards while looking for a luxurious villa to make their trip more pleasurable and memorable. Owing to heavy influx of visitors, demand is outstripping supply in this red-hot travel sector. Here at Kiss Travel, we excel at giving you exceptional vacations with our local knowledge and access to very unique properties that is guaranteed to make every vacation more inspiring and enriching for discerning travelers.

Unlike many other vacation rental companies, we possess all types of necessary accreditation and licensing to manage or book the properties that we represent.

With over two decades of experience, you can always count on us for a smooth and worry-free experience. We rise above the noise because we are Thailand’s luxury rental experts with local knowledge and access to exceptional properties to help vacationers rent the best properties.
We offer luxury Villas for rent, many of which are equipped with butlers, private pools and even personal chefs to ensure your dream trip is complete in every imaginable way possible.

Kiss Travels formed a couple of decades ago, prides itself on its highly customized services that include personalized touches at every bend and turn. With a large team of knowledgeable and passionate staff and one of the most well-known businesses when it comes to luxury property rentals and experiences, the company is clearly a go-to for some of the world’s affluent travelers.

Luxury Villas